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  • Free Equipment* On Select Models
  • Fixed Price/Never Increase
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Works In Shower, Pool
  • Easy Setup
  • Lightweight & Small Waterproof Panic Button
  • Extended Panic Button Range—600ft From Base Unit (RA400/MXD)
  • Battery Backup During Power Outage* On Select Models
  • Our USA Based Emergency Medical Dispatcher Trained Specialists Are On Call: 365 /24/7
  • Free Intruder Protection
  • Equipment Made In USA
  • Free Technical Support
  • Automatic Self-Testing
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The Quality Living Promise

A medical emergency, fire or home invasion can happen to ANYONE of ANY AGE at ANYTIME. Dependent on the situation, landlines/cell phones are not always within reach. With the push of a button, our trained medical dispatchers will access your situation and contact Emergency Medical Technicians, Police, Fire Rescue, Family or Friends.

Seatbelts are a precautionary measure and are mandatory because they save lives. We at Quality Living Alert equate our products with seat belts. Investing in the nominal monthly fee for one of our unit is a life accessory; safeguarding your lifespan or preserving the life of a loved one.


"I live in the desolate country side. One snowy day, I took a walk and accidentally slipped on a patch of ice. If I didn't have my Quality Living Alert eResponder around my neck—I would have laid there for days in the bitter cold. Unfortunately, I broke my hip but thankfully, with the push of a button, the local volunteer fire and rescue got to me quickly. Thanks, QLA!"
- Rose B

"Thank you Quality Living Alert. My mother was diagnosed with meniere's disease and experienced an episode yesterday. Unfortunately, she was nowhere near her cell phone. She pressed her personal help button and spoke to an EMD. She is now at FMC hospital recovering. Thank you, Quality Living Alert for allowing my mom to live independently!"
- Peter A

"Dad's a Quality Living Alert customer. One evening he experienced chest pains and he pressed the button on his pendant. The Emergency Medical Dispatcher promptly sent the paramedics. If he didn’t have this service, my dad would have suffered a major heart attack. Quality Living Alert saved his life!"
- Catherine T

"We have Quality Living Alert for my mother who was recuperating from knee surgery. Then one day, she couldn’t get out of bed. She pressed the personal help button and the first responder, her neighbor got to my mom fast. Without Quality Living Alert system, she wouldn’t have received immediate help!"
- Stan D